High Heel Shoe Museum Submission Guidelines : For Shoe Stores and Designers

The High Heel Shoe Museum is interested in featuring unusual, interesting, and sexy shoe designs from all over the world. If you are a shoe designer, shoe store, or shoe manufacturer, we would be happy to look at your shoe styles to see if they would be appropriate for our museum. We only accept high heel shoes with a minimum of a 2 1/2 inch heel, and we are not interested in featuring shoes too similar to any styles already featured on this website. Our latest website statistics show us as receiving 52.45 MILLION hits a year!!!

The High Heel Shoe Museum is often contacted by book publishers interested in using our photographs in upcoming books on shoes. We were also featured on the MSN website in an article that generated 225,134 hits on this website in ONE DAY!!! Click here for article.

All shoe photographs have been taken by the famous Los Angeles artist/sculptor/photographer Bruce Gray, who is well known for his giant high heel shoe sculptures. Click here to see his work.

If you are featured at the museum, you will have both small and large size photographs of your shoes displayed, and also photographs with models wearing the shoes. All photographs will have direct links to your website. If you are interested in participating, you must be willing to donate 1 to 5 pairs of shoes to the museum. Contact Bruce by email here for further information. All shoe styles to be featured must be approved in advance. Do not send in unapproved shoe styles.
Thank you for your interest in The High Heel Shoe Museum!

attention grabbing hand made Italian pumps with camaleont color changing leather
We just LOVE these Nerea stunning attention grabbing hand made Italian pumps with camaleont color changing leather, wavy vamp opening and super sexy 5 1/2 inch high heels. They come from our good friends at Italian Heels. Definately worth a visit or two!

High heel sneakers by Tommy Tucker
High Heel Sneakers by Tommy Tucker.
Use controls at left for volume and repeat.
Click on the album cover above to purchase the Tommy Tucker album which includes this classic song.

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